Advertiser Management

Advertiser Management for Creators and Publishers

We support creators and publishers to connect with more advertisers, building stronger, profitable partnerships through our expertise, allowing them to focus on growing their audience.

We help publishers build closer collaborations with advertisers

As a publisher or influencer, your strength is in your audience and proposition. ThoughtMix helps amplify this to advertisers, securing profitable partnerships and increasing the brands you collaborate with.

Focus on growing your own brand, not anyone else's

Juggling creating content and keeping your audience engaged is challenging. Building strong partnerships is consuming. By outsourcing your partner management allows you to focus your energy on building your audience and brand.


Build Better Partnerships

Our expertise is building profitable partnerships. Increase the number of advertisers you collaborate with and earn more for your brand.


Increased Spend & Commercials

Publishers working with us earn an average of 33% more from their partnerships than working with advertisers directly.


An expert team that understands you

From the type of partnerships you want to the campaigns you'd love to promote. Our experienced team helps build the right partnerships.

Built for affiliates and influencers

Sitting at the heart of partnerships and collaborations, ThoughtMix understand the challenges and opportunities on both sides, allowing us to produce quality relationships that deliver success.

Support for emerging and new publishers

ThoughtMix helps its clients understand the value of their affiliate channel by identifying affiliates that drive new customers, lower CoS, and high value transactions to exploit opportunities and meet the business objective.

Key Features


Bespoke Reporting

Receive a weekly snapshot of the data that's important to you.


Campaign Alignment

Enjoy synchronised activity with your central marketing calendar.


Cross-Funnel Activity

Engage affiliates from across the funnel to create a balanced campaign.


Compliance Monitoring

Ensure affiliates promote according to program terms, and in line with your objectvies.

Work with a partner that gets where you're going.

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